Algae ID is run by Dr. Gregory Mendez. After growing up with many aquariums and other exotic pets, I finally the first marine aquarium of my adult life in 2011. I started frequenting several online aquarium forums and quickly discovered that several species of benthic dinoflagellates were among the worst marine aquarium pests known to the hobby. I started offering to help people identify their dino blooms and eventually put together this website.

People who have contacted me for help have told me stories of resetting their entire aquarium only to have the pests come back, losing fish and corals to the dino toxins, and suffering respiratory problems near their aquaria. I’ve lent my help to people with algae blooms in home aquariums, aquaculture facilities, and public zoo and aquaria.

I am hoping to expand the list of algal species posted to this site to help people dealing with other pest algae. If your pest doesn’t match any currently listed feel free to contact me with pictures, movies, or samples.

If you are currently experiencing a bloom of pest algae consider contacting me and perhaps mailing a sample of your pest so I can identify it for you, give you tips on exterminating it, and maybe add pictures of it to this website to help others.

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