Algae Identification

Naming the slime.

The purpose of this site is to help marine aquarists identify their nuisance algae. I recommend that everyone who maintains a marine aquarium purchase a magnifying device. Relative to the expense of maintaining an aquarium, a magnifying device is very cheap and can come in practical use to identify nuisance organisms as well as open another window into enjoying the ecosystem you have created. Please visit our microscope page for advice on how to get a good magnifying device for you aquarium.

I began with an emphasis on identification of benthic pest dinoflagellates and our identification page shows that bias. I will be adding more pest algae as they are shared with me. Please consider providing me with a sample of your pest algae if you have any.

Descriptions, movies, and pictures of various aquarium pest algae can be found on our Identification page.

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Algae ID is run by Dr. Gregory Mendez, an expert in dinoflagellate algae.

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